The need for individual insurances often arises in connection with special situations – such as insurance. long-term illness, disability, death, or transition to retirement. That is, in periods when income is reduced or falls away.

Such periods can also result in large additional expenses

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The goal for most people will be to maintain a standard of living for themselves and their loved ones that is as close to normal (accustomed) as possible.

The purpose of the National Insurance Scheme is to give us all some form of basic security. However, sts from the national insurance are limited. The size of several of the grants is among other things. depending on whether we have previously been in income-generating work and to what income.

The collective schemes are often very good

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Furthermore, the National Insurance Scheme does not cover all insurance needs. Many employers in the public and private sectors therefore have collective insurance schemes for their employees, which supplement it. The need to buy individual insurance in addition to the national insurance varies with your own life situation.

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