Here is a simple review of what kind of cards are on the market, what you have to choose from, and what can give you the benefits it certainly pays to keep. for an assessment

Among the three main types of cards we find:

money cash

International credit cards , national credit cards, and benefit cards (like gasoline cards ), but the boundaries are becoming more and more fluid as many cards have more properties. This is carried over to a table with an overview of monthly income, and you have calculated what is available with the new interest expenses in a fast and reasonably secure manner.
Cards that can be used outside Norway are called “international payment cards “. These can be used in a large number of places around the world.

There are cards that give credit for a period (most commonly), and cards where the withdrawal is made directly into the account. The national credit cards are debit cards that can only be used in Norway. Many of the national cards act as short-term, unsecured and expensive loans.

The fact that the loan is raised by using a card is of less importance

The fact that the loan is raised by using a card is of less importance

Advantage cards are cards you either get, or buy to get discounts within a specific industry or area. But all the cards also promote other associated benefits to the card, but then as an additional thing.

The gasoline cards can basically only be used at gas stations for the purchase of goods and services. These are cards that in some form should give you discounts. Here, the Berdeglosas card is the biggest recommendation from us, which you can easily find on our pages. With the Berdeglosas card you get a discount on all the bus stations. Read more about Credit Cards and Debit Cards – Yes thanks both – We tend to say that a modern human being should, in our opinion, be possessed.