Saving money in everyday life is perhaps the trickiest thing you can do to get a thicker wallet and at the same time save the environment for unnecessary stress!

It is easy to turn off the lights when leaving a room, but there are many other and better ways to save money on your electricity bill. Saving electricity also helps to improve the environment. So there are many good reasons to lighten your electricity bill a bit!

Switch Power Supply:

The power market has become completely free and then everyone has the right to freely choose from energy suppliers that cover the area you live in. Check their website and see if you can benefit from switching supplier or maybe squeeze your current supplier down in price.

It is rarely the big money to be made, but in return it is fast to change supplier, and with a consumption of 5000 KWh per year, you can easily save about 500 kr.

Use on-off clock and AutoPowerOff:

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In several tools you can borrow a “par-o-meter”. It allows you to connect different electronic devices in the home, thus seeing how much power they use when on standby. Often surprised. After completing the test, for example, you can buy an on-and-off timer that automatically turns off and on appliances at your convenience.

You can also buy a so-called Saving Extension Rail, for example, can be connected to your computer and TV. This means that other devices such as video, DVD, printer and scanner will only turn on when the TV or computer is on.
Learning such tricks can mean big gains on the electricity bill. An average family could save $ 900 a month on electricity bills just by following the usual advice.

Switch to saving light bulbs:

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Old bulbs are power consumers. If a bulb is turned on for 3 hours daily, annual savings of approx. 70 kroner for each incandescent lamp you switch to a recommended A-labeled bulb. If all Norwegians replaced the seven light bulbs in the house with saving light bulbs, the families in Norway together would save a billion kroner a year.

Buy energy-efficient products: Large flat screens are popular, but many of them use three times as much energy as the old appliances. When buying a new product for your home, you should check how much energy it uses. Even small appliances like DVD players waste energy.

Out of 14 of DVD and hard disk recorders consuming the THINK magazine tested in 2008, 10 spent too much energy compared to what is recommended.

Save on the big power savers:

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There are big savings on the electricity bill if you use certain appliances wisely. Here is a list of the major energy consumers: Electric floor heating (Incorrect installation can consume up to 10,000, – per year). Espresso Masks (On some machines it costs over 2, – to make a cup of coffee)

Gaming machines (the new generation of gaming consoles Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 use a lot of power. Leaving them on is no good idea, save 2000-3000, by turning them off immediately after use). Aquarium (an oven in a tank can use up to 2000, – a year). Plasma TV (the large flat screens can easily use energy for up to 3000, – a year). These were a number of tips for saving money in everyday life by saving electricity!