Credit offers: what should you watch out for?

Are you looking for a loan from a bank, agency or advisor? What should you pay attention to before requesting a credit offer? Our advice and explanations.

A highly regulated market

A highly regulated market

In Switzerland, the credit market is generally well supervised. The LCC (Consumer Credit Law) defines a set of rules that market players must comply with. Certain articles of the LCD (Unfair Competition Law) also refer to consumer credit and reinforce security for borrowers.

If lenders are well regulated, and the interests of consumers are properly defended, exceptions exist and care should be taken. Certain elements should therefore be systematically checked when requesting a credit offer.

Application fees and associated costs

When it comes to consumer credit, brokers and credit agencies are paid directly by the banks. Therefore, be careful when requesting a credit offer:

  • If fees are requested for processing the file
  • If additional costs are mentioned

Normally, agencies and brokers do not charge any fees for studying the file and putting together an offer. This is of course valid for the personal loan. In the case of an SME loan or other services for SMEs, it is not uncommon for fees to be requested.


As with everything, beware of credit offers that seem “too good to be true”. In Switzerland, consumer credit generally has a rate of 5.9% to 10%, not less. An offer touting a lower rate will most likely be a scam.



The duration of the loan is an element often overlooked by borrowers, who easily forget that the cost of the loan is directly proportional to its duration. For the same rate, a 24-month credit will cost a total of twice as much as a 12-month credit. To compare the offers, it is, therefore, advisable to compare the proposed durations. It is sometimes better to choose a proposal with a slightly higher rate, but which allows a shorter repayment period.

Reason for credit

Reason for credit

If it happens that the reason for the credit is requested, you should know that this information is not necessary. Many banks and agencies offer loans without asking why. The money can then be freely used.

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Work from Home and Make Money from a Sales Job? – Personal Loan

If you want to work from home, make money from home or do homework, there are many opportunities and plenty of free work at home. However, it is not easy to make money from home. When you work from home. Therefore, when you notice that the economy is good, you should immediately try to get an overview and collect money for debt.

There are also some wrong choices you can make

There are loads of sales jobs out there that offer you to work from home and still make good money. Are you raw on sales, and then for example on telephone sales there are good opportunities for you!  For example, Berdelins Personal Loan has several vacant sales jobs across the country.

 The job description is about contacting companies with telephone as a tool and selling their service. You will receive your own email address and material such as business card and more. You can also get coaching from a dedicated sales coach.

Is making money from home something for you !?

money loan

They offer you good financial conditions and a career in a forward-looking industry. You will be able to receive up to 4,000, – in commissions per. sales per year.  Most people experience a large amount of debt over the life cycle, while others feel that the loans are running smoothly and that they are no longer able to pay bills.

So here is the opportunity for you to make money from home with this kind of work from home program. The benefits include deciding when and how much you want to work. You will get a free ip phone and be rewarded with bonus payments. If you are looking for sales jobs or you want to work and make money from home, Berdelins Personal Loan is what you are looking for. 

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About insurance and national insurance

The need for individual insurances often arises in connection with special situations – such as insurance. long-term illness, disability, death, or transition to retirement. That is, in periods when income is reduced or falls away.

Such periods can also result in large additional expenses

money cash

The goal for most people will be to maintain a standard of living for themselves and their loved ones that is as close to normal (accustomed) as possible.

The purpose of the National Insurance Scheme is to give us all some form of basic security. However, sts from the national insurance are limited. The size of several of the grants is among other things. depending on whether we have previously been in income-generating work and to what income.

The collective schemes are often very good

money cash

Furthermore, the National Insurance Scheme does not cover all insurance needs. Many employers in the public and private sectors therefore have collective insurance schemes for their employees, which supplement it. The need to buy individual insurance in addition to the national insurance varies with your own life situation.

As much as we are careful, it is sometimes impossible to predict the costs that can befall us. Only the one with whom to borrow money from, who has savings or a large salary can be ready at such a moment. But what about those others? For them there is a quick payday loan service now ! As the name implies, this is a type of loan that offers you to pay off money very quickly.

The decisive factor is: how you are already covered by the National Insurance Scheme, and possibly through insurance schemes with your employer, dependents’ liability, age, and whether you have debt obligations. A quick payday loan can be immediately requested online without your going to the bank. From your own home, in just a few mouse clicks you can get a quick payday loan.

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Boat loans and borrowing money for the purchase of a new boat

There are many ways to borrow money for a boat purchase. You can borrow money in a bank with a boat loan or from other financial institutions. A boat is often a costly affair and it is important to think through its decision before doing so.

When borrowing money from a bank or other lenders

When borrowing money from a bank or other lenders

They often require you to have some form of security. This applies mainly to loans of large amounts, such as a Boat Loan or a Car Loan. This means that the bank reduces its risk when borrowing money. Borrowing with a boat as a security is not that common anymore. Boat loans are today loans without collateral often.

An unsecured loan is an unsecured loan. On the other hand, you can have other types of collateral than just the boat in question in a bank. For example, you can be a guarantor. When you can make a kind of guarantee you usually get an even lower interest rate on your loan. This is because banks’ risk of such loans is reduced.

The most reasonable thing is usually to include the loan in the mortgage

money cash

If you have “available security” there. If you reach within 60 per cent of the rate on the property, you can achieve a good interest rate. Still, there are arguments that suggest taking out the mortgage loan in the boat itself. Today, there are many boat loan applicants online.

It can be easier than going to the bank in several ways. First, it probably saves time, and has opened up a larger market for companies that lend money. With increased competition between lenders, the situation for borrowers has become more favorable.

On the banks ‘and companies’ websites

money cash

There are usually simple and detailed instructions on how to proceed to apply for a Boat Loan. The system has been created which also makes it easier for borrowers to see exactly what conditions are applicable. Then it is also easier to compare different banks to find the most comfortable.

People who have a payout note can be difficult to get a boat loan granted. If you have a complaint this indicates that you do not have its finances in order. The reasons you get a payment note is that bills and other payments are not made on time. Why it has received a disbursement note is not taken into account by the credit reporting companies, who are responsible for recording the credit history.

Many people think that the miss is responsible, but it is not. If you are unlucky to receive a payment note, it will remain in the registry for the three years and will likely cause problems for the person who has it. To get a loan despite having a payment note, one can get more trouble for Boat Loans as it is often about unsecured loans.

Therefore, by borrowing money for a boat you should be careful to compare the different banks’ conditions. The important thing is that there is a boat loan that suits their own financial situation.


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Mortgage Loans in Housing

You borrow money with a mortgage on the property and put the money in a bank account. The loan must be free of interest. The money in the bank account should be used to record income and to pay interest on the loan.

That means you have to calculate how much you can spend per year

money cash

And you have to decide how long you want to extend your extra income. When this period is over, the loan will mature. Either you can choose to extend the period of repayment as long as you presume that you have fallen off when the loan is to be settled.

It can be difficult for us borrowers to find out in the jungle of loan offers. To make it easier to compare different offers, it is statutory that all lenders must state the effective interest rate on a loan. Effective interest rate is what the loan actually costs us. The effective interest rate depends on the nominal interest rate like the interest rate the loan is based on, what fees we have to pay and how we pay the interest rate, down payment or arrears, monthly or annual.

Or you are planning to buy a nine interior and cheaper home

Or you are planning to buy a nine interior and cheaper home

During the period and as the last option you may sell because you got a place in an institution. When you sell your current home and buy a smaller one, the money is released and the loan can be settled. Once you have decided on the time and how much you want to spend, it is easy to calculate how much loan you need to take out.

Tables you will be able to find on the internet give you a clue as to how large a loan you need with different maturities to satisfy the extra income requirement.

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Save money in everyday life

Saving money in everyday life is perhaps the trickiest thing you can do to get a thicker wallet and at the same time save the environment for unnecessary stress!

It is easy to turn off the lights when leaving a room, but there are many other and better ways to save money on your electricity bill. Saving electricity also helps to improve the environment. So there are many good reasons to lighten your electricity bill a bit!

Switch Power Supply:

The power market has become completely free and then everyone has the right to freely choose from energy suppliers that cover the area you live in. Check their website and see if you can benefit from switching supplier or maybe squeeze your current supplier down in price.

It is rarely the big money to be made, but in return it is fast to change supplier, and with a consumption of 5000 KWh per year, you can easily save about 500 kr.

Use on-off clock and AutoPowerOff:

money cash

In several tools you can borrow a “par-o-meter”. It allows you to connect different electronic devices in the home, thus seeing how much power they use when on standby. Often surprised. After completing the test, for example, you can buy an on-and-off timer that automatically turns off and on appliances at your convenience.

You can also buy a so-called Saving Extension Rail, for example, can be connected to your computer and TV. This means that other devices such as video, DVD, printer and scanner will only turn on when the TV or computer is on.
Learning such tricks can mean big gains on the electricity bill. An average family could save $ 900 a month on electricity bills just by following the usual advice.

Switch to saving light bulbs:

money cash

Old bulbs are power consumers. If a bulb is turned on for 3 hours daily, annual savings of approx. 70 kroner for each incandescent lamp you switch to a recommended A-labeled bulb. If all Norwegians replaced the seven light bulbs in the house with saving light bulbs, the families in Norway together would save a billion kroner a year.

Buy energy-efficient products: Large flat screens are popular, but many of them use three times as much energy as the old appliances. When buying a new product for your home, you should check how much energy it uses. Even small appliances like DVD players waste energy.

Out of 14 of DVD and hard disk recorders consuming the THINK magazine tested in 2008, 10 spent too much energy compared to what is recommended.

Save on the big power savers:

money cash

There are big savings on the electricity bill if you use certain appliances wisely. Here is a list of the major energy consumers: Electric floor heating (Incorrect installation can consume up to 10,000, – per year). Espresso Masks (On some machines it costs over 2, – to make a cup of coffee)

Gaming machines (the new generation of gaming consoles Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 use a lot of power. Leaving them on is no good idea, save 2000-3000, by turning them off immediately after use). Aquarium (an oven in a tank can use up to 2000, – a year). Plasma TV (the large flat screens can easily use energy for up to 3000, – a year). These were a number of tips for saving money in everyday life by saving electricity!

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Credit Cards, Gasoline Cards, Advantage Cards, and other Debit Cards

Here is a simple review of what kind of cards are on the market, what you have to choose from, and what can give you the benefits it certainly pays to keep. for an assessment

Among the three main types of cards we find:

money cash

International credit cards , national credit cards, and benefit cards (like gasoline cards ), but the boundaries are becoming more and more fluid as many cards have more properties. This is carried over to a table with an overview of monthly income, and you have calculated what is available with the new interest expenses in a fast and reasonably secure manner.
Cards that can be used outside Norway are called “international payment cards “. These can be used in a large number of places around the world.

There are cards that give credit for a period (most commonly), and cards where the withdrawal is made directly into the account. The national credit cards are debit cards that can only be used in Norway. Many of the national cards act as short-term, unsecured and expensive loans.

The fact that the loan is raised by using a card is of less importance

The fact that the loan is raised by using a card is of less importance

Advantage cards are cards you either get, or buy to get discounts within a specific industry or area. But all the cards also promote other associated benefits to the card, but then as an additional thing.

The gasoline cards can basically only be used at gas stations for the purchase of goods and services. These are cards that in some form should give you discounts. Here, the Berdeglosas card is the biggest recommendation from us, which you can easily find on our pages. With the Berdeglosas card you get a discount on all the bus stations. Read more about Credit Cards and Debit Cards – Yes thanks both – We tend to say that a modern human being should, in our opinion, be possessed.


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